Why Knee Pain Norwich

Most Sports injury  therapist tend to get their clients  after  an injury , dealing with the recovery and rehabilitation, or  a client who is preparing for a certain event.

As a Sports Massage and injury therapist, I have been in a position to help a lot of people with   their recovery due to various injuries, but in 2009.

I found myself in a unique and unhappy position due to  an accident that happened a few years previously.

Then the consequences of it, left further problems hat needed to be dealt with.

My wife Jacqui had been involved in a very bad a car accident in which she had a few injuries one was an impact injury to her left knee , a dislocation of the patella, this had been re-seated, but had become unstable and painful sometimes locking.

My wife had a car accident in which she had an impact injury to her left knee , a dislocation of the patella, this had been re-seated, but had become unstable and painful sometimes locking.

Then in August 2009 the knee locked and she damaged the medial meniscus, a trip to hospital meant an X-ray then an knee arthroscopy ., the findings were not good she was going to have a knee replacement.

Pain can be nerve related , muscular or lastly structural. Remembering that tight shortened muscles will pull on damaged structures e.g. knees and can worsen pain .

I took this personally  and was determined to do all I could to help my wife and find out as much as I could about knee injury , knee replacement and knee pain . I was not going to rely on just, what I had already been taught.

The complex structure of the knee and the workings of the replacement knee were just the beginning, reading books, talking to colleagues helped.

The main aim was to have the muscles supple and prepared for surgery, normal physiotherapy was not going to work as she was in pain and the exercises would only, further damage the injury .

I then met with the inventor of the Bioneuro , with his help and a injury treatment plan in place we then started work on my wife’s knee, the improvements were almost immediate, then when it came to the surgery we knew  her muscles were in the best condition for the surgery, the recovery time was reduced and my wife’s mobility was  improved  greatly.


Bioneuro Sigma Steve Kirby in Use

Then in 2010 we moved to Norwich to  restart my Sports Injury Clinic, business has and is doing very well and I am proud to say I have devolved a great reputation for my working with clients with knee injuries.

I have been asked many times “Why are you so interested in Knee Pain” my answer is “People of all ages can and do suffer from knee pain and dysfunction, but when it is some one close to you then you have to do more, when you have achieved that goal, then it is up to you to help more people” so that is why I am helping so many people in Norwich with knee Pain.

The knee joint it’s self  is a complex  joint with structures , muscles, nerves that orchestrate movement of the knee joint

We can help with pre-op while you are waiting for that hip or knee surgery to keep those muscles supple and help with mobility meaning less medication and more movement, or Post op as sometimes after surgery people find it difficult to get going again and need that bit of hands on treatment to get them on a good recovery path.

All the hands on work using Neuro manipulation techniques, the reading and advice, I took on board, while treating Jacqui , was not set aside, it was stored and reused questioned and evidenced.

I carried on working with my clients ,finding my fascination in knee injury, knee surgery, was becoming more useful, now in a position to  refer my clients  to a brilliant Orthopaedic Surgeon whom I have a great working relationship with .

I know I can offer my clients great treatment to help them if they have any Muscular Skeletal injury, but when it comes to Knees I am sure.

“Being there and being the best to help  clients, with Knee Injury , pre or post Knee Surgery  is One of my main Goals”

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