the muscles in my leg locked

I believe with a passion as a Therapist, all patients deserve the best quality of life possible. Not to be captive to their injuries. Here is a email from one of my patients, who had suffered a chronic trauma pathology.

“Twelve years ago the muscles in my right leg locked up, leaving me with a debilitating limp. Unable to stand up straight at all! My buttock had diminished away to almost nothing. Nightmare or what the pain was horrific!”

Visits to High St Chiropractors achieved minimal results. By chance last Autumn I bumped into an old sailing friend who urged me to check out Steve Kirby’s

Talking with Steve I was soon convinced to make the journey. Southampton to Norwich is a long way, but it has been worth every single mile.

Having had about half a dozen sessions, I am a bit of an old Croc ,freedom of movement is returning also standing straighter , and even doing the dreaded shoelaces up has become easier.

My buttock muscle feels as if it has been reconstructed. It also works well, I still can’t believe it!.

Steve used what he calls a Neuromuscular Activation System, along with Neuromuscular techniques mind blowing!.

Being able to sail boat racing again is my goal, so I am a ‘ Work in progress ‘.

Meeting by chance recently, a retired Senior Physiotherapist, she had been involved with my initial treatment all those years ago I was told how much I had improved and whatever I do the best is yet to come.”

Thanks Steve

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