Delivery Driver Ray needed Getfitstayfit Norfolk, For Back Problem

It is that time of year when a certain person will don the red suit and get ready for his annual deliveries he will be very busy for one night to get all those special items to folks , then he will have a whole year to rest .relax and recuperate, maybe have a massage or two.

He will not be the only one dealing with delivery of the gifts, parcels for Christmas or the extra deliveries created by Black Friday, he may get the rest of the year off, but the rest of the Delivery Drivers will not .

For them although the extra work is good it also means extra hours longer time spent in the driving seat, lots more multi drops, so more getting in and out of the van’s .

Ray of is one of those delivery drivers he owns HARK Solutions a company we have used and trusted with some special equipment , his company has high standards getting special items to customers when they need them on a Direct Delivery system (Not going into a HUB) so Ray always has to be on top form.

Having Back Pain was not an option for Ray he had some very important deliveries and could not afford to take the time off, as he was going to be driving he also could not take a number of Painkillers , he felt his best decision would be to see Steve of Getfitstayfit Norfolk and get the injury dealt with as soon as possible ,

Have a look at his testimony.

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