Take these tablets, they said

I had been doing some heavy lifting and thought nothing of it ,lifting fish tanks into awkward positions . Thinking nothing of it ,but my back did !.

Being normally very active and very  physically able  living with one or two aches did not worry me . Waking up ,that morning I found myself in excessive ,depilating pain .Looked at my self in the mirror and I was standing at 75degrees !. Certainly not normal.

Struggled to see the GP who said “Take these tablets ,five boxes in all . Diazepam, naproxn and other stuff . The GP ,then went on to say . “If things are not right in four or so days come back and then it will take a few weeks and we will do some investigation to see if we can help you further “.

Back pain treament Norwich Norfolk

Taking the tablets ,they made me sleep feel very  depressed . I needed help !. I found Steve’s details called him .

Got to Steve’s . He fully assessed me  injury wise and started to work . This was  on a Sunday ,I was so thankful.  Then ,put me on a machine called “Bioneuro” explaining I had damaged very deep muscles which would be very difficult to massage .

Back Pain Relief

Well, almost instant relief ,freedom to move .NO PAIN !. Warmth .That’s what Bioneuro has done for me . Five box’s of tablet’s did not do that !.

Followed by massage and manipulations on the Hydrotherm bed  ,this was a touch of heaven on earth .Steve ,worked on my leg .This has been damaged for a few years .

The combination of the Bioneuro ,Hydrotherm Massage  with Clinical Neuromuscular  Therapy techniques has restored me.

Powerful ,I feel ,taller ,pain free, supple, warmer  and a lot happier  because I can sleep  ,that’s with no tablets needed ,great!.   That’s what Steve has done for me and he can do for you too.

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