We all love to have good results

I know we all love good results and not just our team on the football field, I mean in our business and a good result can make your week

The day started off with a client that I have had for a while they came to me with a sever  back injury, having gone back for their  NHS assessment to be told by the Physiotherapist that


” The treatment they were getting with myself and the use of the Bioneuro has made a significant difference to their  recovery in an incredibly short space of time “.



Then from a clients wife a message he is a Iron-man competitor and triathlete

she just wanted to say “Thanks for fixing her husband. He completed Vichy iron-man in 12:32:58 his best iron-man time so far.


Then just to top it all a client that had been trying to get a MRI scan with not much success asked me to send a letter to her GP to see if would help, I explained in the letter my finding with the “Bioneuro Assessment tool”, they have now agreed with letting her have the MRI


It is great to achieve goals, especially when it means that someone is,

recovering or finally getting the help that they need.Early intervention Is essential for Trauma related injury, Reduction in the need for Pain Killing Drugs they only mask pain they do not heal. The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) works with the patients own body to help the healing process begin a lot faster, our bodies natural instinct after injury, is to heal, The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) can deliver its effective energy direct to the injured area increasing nerve and blood supply, waking up moribund nerves, regenerating nerve pathways, thereby accelerating recovery.

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