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A lot of us like musicals and lets face it there are some brilliant ones out there.


Here at Getfitstayfit Norfolk we have had the pleasure of looking after a few Professional Dancers, but one young man, that has played the lead, in that of  Grease ,Top Hat and Singing In The  Rain, came to us with an injury that needed quite  a bit of treatment, but had a great positive clinical outcome.


All the parts he has been  playing were very physical parts, as a dancer these parts drew on all of Alex’s physical strength,  he could not afford to be in pain or have an injury, to do Top Hat he had to be in Top Condition.


Alex came to us back in 2017 after an injury causing Muscle Damage, to his lower back , sustained while playing his other passion, but due to his work commitments,  was going to be  his last game of Rugby.


Alex responded very well to treatment with the Bioneuro massage and Neuromuscular therapy techniques,  he was soon back on form and taking on his lead part in Grease.


Also he wanted to know how he could help himself and his body more, he needed to be able to sustain Fluid Motion, he was a very good student and has been working hard to keep himself in great condition.

Unfortunately  Alex had a bit of a set back at the beginning of 2018, after a very busy year, but we dealt with it quickly and Alex was back on course again, this time the lead in, Singing In The Rain.


In my years of treating Musculoskeletal injuries, I have learnt, that one size does not fit all, I adapt what I do so I can do the best for the patient and the injury.

Trigger points often appear, also known as trigger sites or muscle knots,( just for the record although called muscle knots a muscle can not knot as it has an origin and an insertion ) are described as hyperirritable spots sarcomeres in skeletal muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in taunt bands of muscle fibres Research has improved considerably in the knowledge of what a Trigger Point Formation is, this is when a dysfunctional endplate occurs, commonly associated with a strain or the over building of muscle tissue that can then be damaged, stored calcium is realised at the site that creates a oxygen nutrient deficit. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is needed in order to remove the excessive calcium the problem is that ATP is decreased by the tightening of the tissue this then restricts the blood supply . The persistence’s of high calcium level resumes causing Acetylcholine (ACh), release creating a viscous cycle.

It would be no use giving just standard exercises to someone like Alex, dancers are already very fit and exercise all their muscles, you have to have a different approach to their  injuries, it has to be targeted, by using Neuromuscular techniques along with the Bioneuro, allowed me to get into the deep muscle tissue/ fascia in the area that the injury had occurred, concentrating on the rehabilitation after the recovery and using Alex’s own ability as a dancer, to teach him to target his own muscles groups, allows him to keep on top of things and to avoid further injury.

Please have a look at Alex’s video to find out a lot more.


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