Running Seriously

This is her Testimony, she had been suffering for a year before she came to Getfitstayfit Norfolk. We always say early intervention is the best way to aid recovery, the longer it is delayed the longer it takes to recover, we try to improve recovery rate and get people back to fitness as soon as possible.

“I came to Steve after recommendations from members of my running club.

I’d recently been suffering with knee pain but also low back pain upon waking in the morning for over a year.

I’d seen a chiropractor, a physio, an osteopath and even had an MRI scan all to no avail. In the end my doctor just said it’s muscular and prescribed me Amitriptyline!

Steve was great. He identified my IT band and TFL muscle were tight and used the Bioneuro System Sigma  Q(ΣQ® to free them off. It was a strangely pleasant sensation and the muscles felt a lot looser after. Alas, my symptoms didn’t go away, but Steve was determined to solve my problems. He’s like a dog with a bone!

He was regularly in touch to see how things were going and he researched my symptoms to try and find the answer. Eventually he suggested using the Bioneuro System Sigma  Q(ΣQ® on my Psoas muscle.

Running and sitting at a desk all day had made this short and tight and can be responsible for low back pain. I am delighted to say I can now sleep free from pain, without the need for pillows under my legs and without the Amitriptyline! As for the knee pain, it’s getting better with postural and running form correction’

I’d recommend to anyone suffering with muscular issues to seek out Steve. He really can help, he doesn’t give up on you even when you feel you want to give up he made such a difference

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