What is a Gold Medal Achievement

Great to see the young lady I have been helping ( a Member of GB u23 Kayak Sprint Team ) who travelled from Nottingham to Norwich for Sports Massage and Bioneuro treatment to ensure she is on good form for selection for the European Championships.GB Kayak Team Member Lucy needed help Mum contacted Getfitstayfit Norfolk, we got Lucy back on form again and one happy mum sent us this email. With the amount of training Lucy has to do for her kayaking I am always concerned that she might come home broken one day. This turned out to be the case when she came home from a ski training camp this spring. The trip was primarily cross-country skiing to help with the aerobic fitness training for her kayaking. On the last day Lucy went snow boarding and had a couple of pretty heavy falls.
Treating another Athlete he is also on the road to Tokyo Olympics Norfolk’s number one Archer, the aim to ensuring he is able to be the best he can be for that achieve his target of a Gold medal.
Then ,we have is a young guy. who has had intensive Spinal Surgery 18 months ago, he gets around on crutches, comes for massage and Bioneuro, he has his targets and goals.

This week we achieved a major step forward for him . “Steve my feet are feeling warmer than they ever have since surgery and my need for painkillers has decreased by half .”

Over the years I have been in this profession one goal has always remained the same . “That all my patients will be the best they can be to achieve their goals in life, injury and disability can affect anybody I always proud when they achieve their goal and so glad that I have been there to help them.

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