Helping Keith getting up that grading ladder and another step, closer to the Olympics

Keith  with “Quicks” MD, Les MacPherson, at the “Crookhorn” shoot, hosted by Portsmouth’s “Forest of Bere Bowman”.

Seeing him win yet another important  competition is a great reward for all the work we have done with him 

Keith is a Dedicated  Competition  Archer,  we are proud of him and to be looking  after him  here at Getfitstayfit Norfolk

Keith is currently rated 17th in the UK in Archery

The whole of Keith’s  body requires weekly physical maintenance, he pushes it pretty hard.

Keith is currently rated 17th in the UK in Archery, he has to be on top form.

He needs to be able to run 10k clime hills and have perfect balance  so he can always hit that target.

We have to place a great deal of  emphasis on his Rhomboids ,Latissimus Dorsi, the whole of neck and shoulder region,  as this is the  area that has to  hold the  great degree of tension, that is needed to be finely  tuned in order to produce a positive physical ,physiological and psychological performance  in any competition on route to the next Olympics

This is further strong evidence that working with Bioneuro Sigma Q sending  electrical frequency deep into  Keith’s muscular skeletal system is enabling this man to execute his technique well .

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