Sprained,Painful Swollen Ankle, John Came To Getfitstayfit Norfolk For Help

Most of us at some time have twisted, or Sprained our Ankle in our lives.

Then ended up with our leg raised, ice around the ankle , then hobbling around for a couple of weeks, It is not pleasant, when it first happens it is that sick feeling and the worry that it may be broken, the pain can be that intense, then the relief when, A&E say.All he could do was take painkilling tables and rest, they said for 4 weeks, as a keen Rugby Player and working in an industry where he was up and down ladders and moving heavy items, this was not what John needed to hear. Please hear his story and why he came to Getfitstayfit Norfolk.

“It’s only a Sprain ” then the realisation that you are still in a lot of pain, you have to hobble around and you have to rest it for weeks.

John did this very thing to his ankle and he did not do anything by halves,Clients very swollen leg after injury twisting his ankle when he missed his footing down a rabbit hole, was not the ending he had expected after a morning of flying his kite, he ended up in A&E to be told that 4 weeks off work or more was likely to be the consequence of his accident, time that John could ill afford, he then decided to come and see Steve Kirby  here at Getfitstayfit Norfolk for help to get back to recovery a lot sooner.  Have a look at his testimonial.

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