Hamstring Injury Treatment In Norwich, When You Need Help Fast.

Jonathan came to us with very tight Hamstrings, as someone who plays a lot of Rugby, he needed this to be dealt with quickly, leaving it and waiting for it to recover on its own was not an option.

Hamstring Injury can cause further Muscular Issues in the Body.

Jonathan’s Testimonial

Thank you for the treatment I received last week on my hamstrings. Since starting back, pre season rugby training my hamstrings have really suffered. So I thought it best to get some help, I have had treatment from Steve Kirby of Getfitstayfit Norfolk for other injuries I have suffered, but decided I needed to be on top off this from the beginning.

Steve used  Bioneuro therapy system Sigma Q(ΣQ)® which  really got deep into the affected area marking a huge and lasting difference,Steve used Bioneuro therapy system Sigma Q which really got deep into the affected area marking a huge and lasting difference,

Then using Sports Massage treatment on the Hydrotherm Massage bed, was a great way to finish the treatment. The warm bed is fantastic, making me feel very relaxed and comfortable.Steve Kirby of Getfitstayfit Norfolk using Sports Massage and The Hydrotherm Massage BedSteve Kirby of Getfitstayfit Norfolk Massaging a Hamstring on a Hydrotherm Massage Bed All together the whole treatment was great.


Many thanks

and I look forward to future treatments that I may need





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