Rugby Injury

Will an up and coming young athlete , aged 16 years, with an Injury problem to his knee after rugby incident.

Will was not in a good way when he first came to us , not only was he not able to take part in any sports due to his injury even walking was difficult , for a young man whose life revolved around his sport he was pretty down.

We got to work with The Bioneuro and Sports Massage and the results were very evident , read what his very happy  mum had to say.

Will had injured his knee 2 months previous after having it bent awkwardly in a rugby match. He had been told he had damaged his MCL and was waiting for an MRI scan. His knee however although he could walk on it, it was still very painful, he was unable to fully extend it and the pain from movement was waking him at night.

He started seeing Steve once a week, 4 weeks ago and the improvement has been brilliant. After assessing Will, Steve began treatment using the Bioneuro Therapy System. After will had endured  2 months of pain,  then with  just one session with Steve, Will said that “The pain had eased,” he could extend his knee slightly further and movement was easier.

Being an observer whilst Will was getting treatment everything was done professionally, caring and without any stress to the injury at all.

Seeing how relaxed Will was whilst the machine and Steve did the work, made it hard to believe anything was happening, but you could actually see the knee moving slightly and straightening out, it was amazing. Then to see Will stand up and walk around the room with hardly any limp after just 30 mins was fantastic.

Steve’s care has been second to none, making sure that Will gets the correct treatment, contacting Consultants and our own GP, also working on all Wills other ailments which, I know, will be fixed.

In Wills own words Steve has done more in these 4 visits than any Doctor has ever done over the years, Will has had to see them regarding injuries/medical problems.


Sara (Will’s Mum)


6 weeks on

Will has now come to the end of his treatment.

” Yes in just 10 weeks and his knee is fixed. Not just fixed okay to the point that he could cope, till he had to have surgery,  but he is  fixed  brilliantly and the best thing is he will No Longer Require Surgery.” A Major relief after, having seen a consultant and being told that Will’s meniscus was torn and an MRI scan was needed to confirm the severity.

Will continued to have the treatment with Steve on his knee along with having various other conditions sorted, as in tennis elbow, neck & shoulder issues.

On his last visit Steve had received the scans results back to be told that the tear had healed.

No surgery required! Fantastic news for Will!

This means he will not have to miss anymore of the sports he loves and he has already been back on the rugby field after 18 weeks out, immediately scoring 2 tries and setting up another!

Also means saving NHS money on theatre/operation costs .

We have no idea what would have happened if we had not have found Steve, his work and care has been fantastic and I cannot recommend him enough, in fact anyone says they have the merest of twinges I tell them to go see him !

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