Own Goals can be Painful

While watching Last  Sunday’s Morning News, yet again the subject of

Footballers and the  increase taking of powerful painkilling medication was being discussed

We all know that for any team it is all about the results on the field that is important, but is it really at the cost of the long term health of your main assets, Your Team’s Players.

This is worrying, these days when we know the long term damage of Painkilling medication, yet we have some brilliant Neuromuscular therapist, Bodywork Therapist and  Non invasive and non chemical  treatments out there, why are they still using painkilling medication as a Stop Gap, injuries need to be treated,

Recovery & Rehabilitation or Over Medication

Muscles when they are Hypertonic , are more prone to injury these guys need their muscles to be more supple ,  they need treatment not masking  tape practice. Players need to be looked after , then teams will get the best out of them and less injuries.

Hearing what  Professor Dvorak said about , half of players competing at the past three World Cups routinely took non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and  that it  had become a cultural issue, part of the game.

This is what Professor Dvorak had to say  

“This is Elite footballers’ “abuse” of legal painkillers risks their health and could “potentially” have life-threatening implications ” He says some clubs prioritise success over player welfare, leading to players feeling “pressured” into taking medication to overcome minor injuries and play in important games.

While according to Former England defender Danny Mills ,”Painkillers in football have always been widespread – “and always will be, I’ve been in many dressing rooms where I’ve seen other players pressured into playing with painkillers,”

When you hear that this is what is happening to young players  that have just started their career, it is even more of a concern, children want to grow up and become Footballers, that is great news,” but do we want our children to grow up to be put in the situation that we are seeing young players going through now .”

Footballers have only a short career as it is they should not be spending it in pain that is masked with the use of painkillers, then end up with surgery as most do in later life.

Let’s treat the players as we should and keep them in top form, they need to have good treatment

I am not talking about wrapping them up in cotton wool. I mean good regular therapy . They need to be on the pitch playing not on the bench in pain.

Footballers have only a short career as it is they should not be spending it in pain that is masked with the use of painkillers, then end up with surgery as most do in later life

Early intervention is essential for Trauma related injury, Reduction in the need for Pain killing Drugs they only Mask Pain they do not heal 

The Bioneuro Sigma Q System works with the patients own body to help the healing process begin a lot faster , our bodies natural instinct after injury is to heal, The Bioneuro system can help deliver its effective energy direct to the injured area increasing nerve and blood supply , waking up moribund nerves regenerating nerve pathways there by accelerating recovery. 

We know Massage releases the “feel good factor” and there is a reason for that it is not all about just relaxing, massage helps release Endorphins and Dopamine, it is the physical input that the therapist applies to the patient and how it is applied that makes the difference.

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