You have had an injury, be it shoulder , back , hip ,or knee, it is your injury.Back Pain In Human Body You did not want it,no one wants’ it to happen, you did not expect it, so the question is. What are you going to do now ?

You have had an injury, be it shoulder , back , hip ,or knee, it is your injury.

You did not want it,no one wants’ it to happen, you did not expect it, so the question is. What are you going to do now ?

You can.

Take painkillers to mask it and stay in the Limbo room to wait for it to heal on it’s own maybe.



Recovery & Rehabilitation or Over Medication

Or you can.

Move forward to the Rehabilitation and Recovery room , make progress, towards getting your life back on track again.


We know Massage releases the “feel good factor” and there is a reason for that it is not all about just relaxing, massage helps release Endorphins and Dopamine, it is the physical input that the therapist applies to the patient and how it is applied that makes the difference.

 Which is it going to be ?

These are the decisions only you can make for yourself, but you do have options, besides waiting in the Limbo room and taking painkillers.


The sooner an injury is treated the easier it is to treat, the sooner it will heal, early intervention always helps.  Keeping Muscles Supple is a must. as muscle tightness (Hypertonicity)  in the injured and surrounding area of the injury, can cause you real pain to the point that it could prevent you from getting the exercise you need, to help you progress to getting you back to fitness.

Muscle Activation Techniques  need to be applied and  the sooner the better, to aid in the  progression to the recovery and rehabilitation stage after an injury, unused muscles don’t help you in any way.

We have  an in-depth understanding of the mechanical principles of the Musculoskeletal body, we are able to address and intervene in aiding these  Musculoskeletal  imbalances that occur due to injury, quicker than conventional methods.

By using the tools such as The Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) this is a tool used, to aid in rehabilitation of some of our Elite sportsmen and women and can get to the deep muscle issues, that unfortunately can’t be reached with normal muscular release techniques, due to the fact, that  in the early stages or a muscular injury, the pain factor felt  by the injured person, can be so overwhelming for them.

Using the Hydrotherm Massage Therapy System, this is a system that is used in spinal injury treatment  to alleviate pressure on the injured area as it allows for  better accessibility. It gives us the advantage of being able to treat the area without adding further discomfort for the injured person.

If an injury is  left,  It will be  these muscular Skeletal  imbalances that  may lead  to chronic and repetitive stress injuries. In later life. as  once something is damaged it will never be the same it becomes week and prone to injury.

This need not be the case if Early intervention and the correct treatment is applied.

Muscle Tightness happens to us all at some point, but do you know why and what can you do to help prevent it ,  first of all you need to remember that all Muscles Pull and to pull it is only one way Up, we all know we have muscle groups, but what happens when one member of the group does not want to work?

It does not stop the rest, in fact they take on the extra work they become Martyrs to the muscle that is not doing it’s share, they are protecting your body and being overworked.

What we have to do is find  the culprit, that is not doing it’s job, by doing certain tests.

As  a muscle’s job is to produce motion, control and stabilize joints  Then you will find that If, one or more muscles are tight, depending on the stress exists, it will  follow logically that certain ranges of motion from one side of the body to the other will not be symmetrical when tested.

Recruitment of muscles will be off balance , it will show to  the trained eye and hands what is going wrong.

Then we move onto Rehabilitation, do you know we have, Muscle memory we do and it has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems, this can be a great thing if you are fit and well as your muscles will work in a fluid motion within your body, but when you are injured, your muscles react differently, they want to tighten up to protect themselves so that they won’t get injured again, some muscles have to take over other muscles work , as the injured muscle wont stretch out , it becomes a habit and a default position.

So next time you have

Shoulder, back, hip, neck, leg, or even foot tightness, etc. from your Sports  workouts or your  day-to-day occupational  responsibilities, consider it as an important warning don’t just ignore it,  start finding out where the cause of the problem exists. The symptom of pain and tightness are a sign and often exists simply because some muscles have and not  done their job, get it checked keep on top of it.

Because if we only look at the symptoms when an injury occurs and  not  the root cause,

we will not be in a position to prevent chronic problems, becoming exacerbated in later life.

Our Treatment today will be a good investment

for your physical abilities tomorrow.

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